Kidnapped by the Alien Barbarian - Ella Mansfield

Kidnapped by the Alien Barbarian

By Ella Mansfield

  • Release Date: 2017-09-13
  • Genre: Science-fiction


Lela lives in a female compound on Earth, knowing exactly where her life is going. She will be forced to have a career she doesn't want, marry a man a computer chooses for her, give birth to children who will be taken from her, and basically spend her entire life doing as she's told.  Drrrl is the prince whose family has been exiled from his home planet due to a centuries old feud with another family. His family has been cursed to have no female offspring. Instead of choosing one of the exiled women convicts brought to his planet, he decides to go to Earth and choose a woman he would prefer. As soon as he sets eyes on Lela he realizes she is his fated mate. Dare he take her with him against her will and make her his bride? Will they ever be able to get past the fact that he kidnapped her to live together in harmony?